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Complete Cutting, folding, and Stitching Services

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Tri-Tech and Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
Located east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Please feel free to e-mail Doug to receive a Bindery Quote.
dougr @ Tri-Techcanada.com

Complete Bindery Services 940 Brock Rd, Unit 1, Pickering, Ontario, L1W 2A1,

We have invested in the very latest of Bindery equipment to ensure your jobs are done to perfection.
Journeyman only are used on our folders and stitcher to ensure the level of quality you require.

Folding - Heidelberg Stahl 4/4/4 Folder with compressor
This state of the art folder was brand new in 2007. The entire folder is roller to roller
and never roller to steel as in older folders. What does this mean to you? No marking!

Your sheet is consistently fed through a series of rollers where the pressure is always consistent.
Since we do a lot of Dull and Uncoated folding work, we needed a folder that could handle this difficult stock.
Of course gloss coated stocks go through just as easy. If you can fold dull stocks without marking
then coated stocks are that much easier!

All 3 stations on the folder are equipped with 2up, and 2 down folds per station with 2 right angles.
Scoring, perfing, or slitting can be done inline as well.

Your folded brochure or signature runs through a final compression stage that ensures your product lays flat.
No more Roll Fold brochures that have a bubble in them.

At Tri-Tech we would be happy to work with you on any stage of your bindery.
Save money yourself by cutting, and then send to Tri-Tech for folding and/or stitching.
Your clients are always protected as our 35 years in business can attest to.
Give us a call on your next Bindery Order.

Save 40% on your Bindery work by supplying folded signatures!
- Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher - 6 pocket plus cover feeder with scoring
This state of the art stitcher was brand new in 2007.
Muller Martini is the brand recognized as the leader in stitching around the world.

We'll work with you to stitch signatures you have created, or fold from your flat press sheets.
We can work with you to provide a bindery layout that will accommodate your printing as well as optimize the final saddle stitching process. Many printing companies are able to print and fold
however when the time comes to get a price on stitching there is no credit if you fold yourself.
Tri-Tech will reduce the price by 40% if you are supplying folded signatures. 1/4" to 1/2" lip is required.

Magazines and Product Catalogues are 90% of what we run on the saddle stitcher.
Because of this, when we quote a Stitching job for you, we are able to factor this in and keep costs down.

Cutting - Polar Cutter
Tri-Tech is equipped with 2 Cutters to assist you in turning jobs around very quickly.

For your next bindery out sourcing. Think Tri-Tech.

Your local friendly bindery is here to assist you.

Our 35 years in the industry as a trade supplier are testament to our dedication!

Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech
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Trade Bindery Services - Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Please feel free to e-mail Doug a Bindery Quote.
dougr @ Tri-Techcanada.com

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