What makes a printing press state of the art?

Automation is key! In this day and age of quick turnaround and reduced pricing. A printing press not only needs to reproduce a quality printed sheet, it needs to do it very efficiently as well.
Some of the most advanced features available today are....
1) Auto Make Ready - Automatic control for setting up sheet size, and thickness. This is a process that can take about 10 minutes without it.
2) Auto plate loading - Optional equipment that will install the printing plates in about 3 minutes. This is a process that can take almost 20 minutes without this feature on a 4colour press.
3) CIP3/4 - Auto colour preset. This is a feature that takes the colour profile from the pre-press department and sets the colour on the press. This process can save 15 minutes, and 2-300 sheets of paper on setup.