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Covit-19 Update
As an essential component of the manufacturing process, providing services supporting the essential services of Ontario
Tri-Tech Canada Inc. will continue to operate fullfilling the needs of our customers.
Tri-Tech Canada Inc. has taken measures to safeguard and protect the health and safety of our very dedicated staff.
We no longer accept walk in customers, and our building is closed to all accept essential deliveries and staff.
Tri-Tech Canada Inc. has also established a minimum working distance of 10 feet, far exceeding the mandated 6 foot distance.
We have been servicing our loyal customers for the past 46 years, through many recessions as well as 9/11.
Our staff is dedicated and well aware of what is going on around them.
Ensuring they take all precautions possible. Protecting their safety as well as the public around us.
We do expect things to eventually improve and we are here to be as flexible as possible through these difficult times.
Let us know how we can help you get through this, and together we will all come out stronger and healthier
- Management
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Tri-Tech is located east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickerig), Ontario, (Durham), Canada, North America.
Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Durham, Oshawa, Markham, Bowmanville, Courtice, Ontario, Canada, USA.


Magazine Printing Services - Magazines, Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Books Magazine Printing - Click here for technical support on Both Mac and PC situations.

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Located East of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
46 years serving the Printing and Pubishing Industry.
Serving Ontario, Canada and the USA
Toll Free: 888-478-4448 Local: 905-831-3886

info @

Environmentally friendly.
Tri-Tech is
GREEN for the environment.
To save we have made the changed to

Chemistry free Thermal Amigo/Saphira CTP Plates.

At Tri-Tech all of our paper waste and offcuts
as well as used printing plates are Recycled.
Vegetable based
low VOC inks are standard on all print jobs

Develop a Comfort Level with Tri-Tech

At Tri-Tech, we work with you to produce a quality Magazine or Catalogue
at very affordable and competitive prices.
We don't charge for authors alterations. This is a hidden charge by most Printers.
At Tri-Tech we utilize electronic proofing to make changes easy, fast, and accurate.
For your next Magazine Printing or Product Catalogue Printing,
Give Tri-Tech a call.... all this at no additional charge.
Do other Catalogue or Magazine Printers provide all this in the included quote?

Use of services like Dropbox, WeTransfer, and Google Drive make sending files to us easy
Our staff and equipment is geared towards efficiency.
This translates into a better turnaround and better pricing for you.

All of this will help you "Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech".

For your next issue of a monthly or bi-monthly magazine printing or catalogue printing. Tri-Tech would like to offer you this incentive to give us a chance on your next printing. After the third printing you can select any one of the covers we've produced for you and Tri-Tech will provide a wall mount plaque of any of the three covers we printed for you.

Online catalogue or magazine printing prices in Canada:
CDN - Magazine printing price list

Online catalog or magazine printing prices in the USA:
USA - Magazine printing price list

Don't get Duped with your magazine printing! Watch out for common cost cutting tricks with your catalogue or magazine printer. There are many honest businesses out there, however the few who aren't, are taking advantage of you. Get what you are paying for. Regardless of sheetfed, or web printing. In order for your printer to produce your Catalog or Magazine. The printing press needs startup sheets to get up to color. These should be thrown out, and not included in your final shipment. Far too often, these are included in the shipment and sent out in circulation. This saves a printer approx 5-7% on the final Printed Catalog or Magazine. If that is the amount they are constantly cheaper than the next printer. It should give you an indication why. Cheap Catalogue Printing or Magazine Printing, should not mean duped Catalogue or Magazine Printing.
At Tri-tech we quote what we are actually providing for your Magazine and Publication Printing. When you are having your Magazine Printing done at Tri-Tech. We factor in 500 sheets, and 5% of the run for overs to cover the startup sheets. At Tri-Tech, we feel this is justified for the quality we strive to deliver time and time again. Never, are these included in your final shipment. They are pulled out and sent for recycling. The first magazine will look as good as the last one

Are you actually getting the stock weight you have purchased for your magazine or Promotional printing. Many catalog & magazine printers will substitute 54lb for 60lb stock, 90lb for 100lb covers. This offers a substantial savings for the printer. Make sure your quote is accurate when comparing. It is very easy for a competing printer to reduce their price by 5-12%. Ask yourself, are they reducing their price by taking something away from the final product? In most cases..Yes! Get what you are paying for.
At Tri-Tech you will receive the stock weight you have requested. In fact once we utilized a specific paper for your magazine, the cover stock even in a different weight will be of the same supplier. Through experience, you have most likely seen magazines from your current printer where color shades of stock vary on different signatures. Not at Tri-Tech. Your catalog or magazine stock is all purchased at the same time to ensure consistent color throughout the catalogue and magazine printing.
Constant stock - We have seen it many times. A printed catalog or magazine on a long run will use a high quality stock for the first few thousand. Then switch to a lower grade for the general circulation. Is this what you are paying for? Have they quoted this?
This could translate into huge savings for a printer on a longer run catalog or magazine printing. Not that common? Think again! Compare that magazine that arrives in the mail to the sample provided by your printer. Are they identical, or have they used the old bait and switch method? It is done more often than you can fathom.
Use an honest printer. There is a reason why some printers always have the lowest, cheapest price any where. At Tri-Tech we are able to keep our pricest to the lowest in the industry through automation and efficiency. Lets us show you what a dedicated printer can do for your next printing project.
At Tri-Tech, not only do we use the same stock through the entire press run on a Magazine, Catalogue or Brochure. We use the same identical stock for the entire printing, on every signature. Doug Robinson our president, has established an unbeatable reputation in the magazine printing industry as an honest printer. We stand behind each and every print job that goes through our doors. We have many clients that have been with us for well over 15 years. Tri-Tech is well known as a family business that will strive to give you a quality product at a very competitive rate. With your catalogue or magazine printed at Tri-Tech, your magazine will be what you ordered. Apples to apples!
Most of our suppliers we utilize have been with us for 15-20 years or more.
Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech!

Magazine Printing Company.
For more information on Magazine
Printing including our online
Canadian and USA Price list.

Please visit our
Magazine Printing Company website

Tri-Tech's published magazine printing pricelist is posted and available to view without a password or access code.

We are so confident in our prices and service they are published for you to see and use for future budgets.

We have both
Canadian Magazine Printing prices
American Magazine Printing prices.

Make Tri-Tech your Magazine Printing Company of choice on your next Publication Printing

Magazine Printing Company - Ontario Magazine Printing Services
Your Magazine Printing Company of choice in Pickering, located east of Toronto (GTA) Ontario Canada in Durham. Serving all of Canada and the USA
At Tri-Tech we stock a great quality coated sheet in 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, and 100lb stock text weights. All of these stock weights are from the same supplier for clarity and consistency at time of printing. Tri-Tech's house stock is a bright white sheet with good opacity and printability. You will notice the difference in quality and brightness when your Magazine is printed at Tri-Tech
175 or 200 line screen is standard on all magazines and publications printed by Tri-Tech. Our house stock is the same used for Posters and Brochures. Tri-Tech is a quality Magazine Printing Company while still offering the lowest published online pricelist through our automation of equipment.

Magazine Printing Company with quality at a great published price with our online Magazine Printing Pricelist. Both Canadian and American Magazine Printing Prices included.

For our Canadian Onlne Magazine Printing Pricelist CDN$ - click here - CDN Pricing
For our USA Onlne Magazine Printing Pricelist US$ - click here - US Pricing
S/C Self Cover Saddle Stitched Magazines as well as Perfect Bound Magazine formats with a perfectly aligned spine. Our extensive experience of different layouts will ensure your Publication Printing goes through with a professional touch. We can assist you in mixing of B/w forms with colour pages to save you money and get the most out of your publication. Please view our Magazine Printing layout PDF to see how your next magzine printing will be laid out. - Click here - Layouts. Tri-Tech's Magazine Printing Layout PDF will clearly show each page and where it will print in the final magazine. Combining B/w and colour pages is a great way to cut cost, while not cutting page counts to maintain the look and feel of your exisiting magazine.

Making the change to Tri-Tech is easy and seamless. We'll show you how to generate accurate PDF and PDF/x1a files from your application of choice in order for us to process your magazine.
Each Magazine we do is provided with two versions of proofs.
The first is a high resolution colour accurate proof that matches our layout PDF, as well you will receive a folded mock-up showing the layout of your final magazine. This is great to check cross overs on images as well as layout of ads.
It couldn't be easier to have a magazine printed by Tri-Tech! Please give us a call at 888-478-4448 or e-mail Doug Robinson for a quote on a specicic magazine that doesn't fit our online Magazine Printing Pricelist.

Are you looking for a little value adder service. Tri-Tech can produce your sell sheets for your advertisers. Click here - Sell Sheet

Digest Format Magazine Printing Company
For more information on smaller format magazines and their advantages

Please visit our Digest Magazine Printing website

Digest Format Magazine Printing Company

At Tri-Tech we have perfected the art of producing Digest format magazines. The standard Digest Magazine size is (approx: 5 1/2" x 8")
On press this prints 16 pages over 16 pages. 32 page signatures.

This is why you will most likely see digest magazines with page quantities increasing in increments of 16 pages. The most cost effective page counts to print are 16, 32, 48, 64,80, 96.

Where Tri-Tech differs is we don't fold the final sheet as a 16 page signature. Doing so creates a ripple effect in the folding as air gets trapped causing misaligned pages.
At Tri-Tech we cut the signature down to 8 page signatures and fold as if we would a conventional magazine. This is additional work on our part, but not an additional charge to you. We strive for an excellent product and do what ever is required to ensure your Digest Format Magazine Printing will be a good as we possibly can delivery. Tri-Tech is different than other printers. Our Quality, and expertise in Digest Format Magazines is second to none.
see our Digest Magazine Printing Page

Catalogue and Catalog Printing Company
For more information on Catalogue Printing and Catalog Printing.

Please visit our Catalogue Printing Company website or
Catalog Printing Company website

Catalog and Catalogue Printing Company

Vibrant color and detail. Quality printing.
At Tri-Tech our presses are equipped with Cip3 profiling. What this means is our Pre-Press department sends the information regarding your Product Catalogue Printing colour profile through to our printing press for the most accurate colour possible. This ensures cross-overs and header colours which are so common on Product Catalogues are consistent from start to finish.

Greater consistency = Better quality

200 line screen or Stochastic printing is standard on all Product Catalogue Printing done at Tri-Tech. You will truly see a difference between our printing and the competition.

Yearbook Printing Company
For more information on Yearkbook Printing Services as well Tri-Tech's printing capabilities and turn-around times
Please visit our
Yearbook Printing Company website

Yearbook Printing Company
Perfect Bound Hard and soft Covers Yearbook Printing (
4/4 or 1/1).
200 line screen or stochastic printing on all Yearbooks for a quality second to none .
Matte, Dull, or Coated stocks.

Yearbooks need to stand the test of time and ours are something you will be proud of for years to come. B/w forms are printed with High intensity black ink and High quality coated paper is standard to hold up over time.
We can provide sewn or PUR binding. Rush Delivery in under 4 is standard

Poster Printing Company
For more information on our Poster Printing Services in both digital on our Versant 3100 and offset technologies on our Komori Press
Please visit our
Poster Printing Company website

Poster printing Company
Digital and offset services

Your choice of 1 poster, or 10,000+. At Tri-Tech we utilize both digital
and offset printing to produce vivid colour Poster Printing. With Tri-Tech's automation
We can have those Wall Posters or Rock Concert Posters on a wall for you tonight!
Give Tri-Tech a call for your next Poster Printing.
Our quality that will astound you, our friendly staff will keep you coming back.
Up to 60" wide posters with our digital posters. 28" x 40" on our Komori offset press.

Brochure Printing Company
For more information on our Brochure Pritning Services provided by Tri-Techand how we can produce a great looking brochure at a very affordable price
Please visit our
Brochure Printing Company website

Brochure Printing Company
Tri-Tech is your Brochure Printing Company of choice in Ontario
High definition 200 line screen and Stochastic printing (satin) for turnaround and quality.
With our 40" Komori press, we can produce brochures in a variety of layouts to save you time and money. With our inhouse Bindery we can turn your Brochure Printing around very quickly to meet those tight deadlines. While being confident the equipment and staff producing your Brochure is of the highest quality possible. Trust Tri-Tech on your next Brochure Printing and let us show you the quality difference a dedicated Brochure Printing Company can provide.
Online prices for 4pg and 8pg brochures click here

Trade Show Flyer printing Company and Trade Show Brochure Printing Services

For more information on fast turnaround on Trade Show Flyers and Brochures. As well as our experience on getting these to you even once your trade show has begun. Tri-Tech will ensure your Trade Show Flyers and Brochures are there when you need them with the quality you will be proud of.
Please visit our Trade Show Flyer Printng Company website

Trade Show Flyer Printing - Trade Show Brochure printing
We will have your brochures ready to hand out when you need them.
With a fully equipped bindery and dedicated employees.
We are here to ensure your deadlines are met with a quality second to none.

Tri-Tech has many years of experience getting last minute Trade Show Flyers and Brochures into local events. We have shipped many last minute jobs to these following venues:

Metro Toronto Convention Centers (North and South Buildings)
International Center (Airport)
Pearson International Airport
Purolator, Fedex, and UPS.

This quality and service on Trade Show Flyers and Brochures is made available through automation. We never take a short cuts when producing Trade Show Flyers. It will be done fast, with a quality that meets Tri-Tech's high level of excellence!

Postcard Printing Company
Tri-Tech is not a gang run Postcard Printing Company. This ensures your postcards are of the highest quality you can ask for. With 200 line screen or Stochastic Printing standard on all Postcard Printing we do at Tri-Tech. You will see detail in your Postcard Printing second to none.
Please visit our Postcard Printing Company website

Postcard Printing Company
Tri-Tech is your Postcard Printing Company of choice.
High definition 200 line screen and Stochastic printing (satin) for turnaround and quality.
Incredible detail on images. Unlike our competition we do not do gang run printing on our postcard printing. Gang runs combine various customers onto one printed sheet. Giving an average quality to everyone's postcards. By Printing your Postcards by themselves we are able to control colour to give you the best possible rendition and quality you are looking for.
With Tri-Tech you will notice incredible detail on photos, with very bright and vivid colours .
Have your next Postcard Printing done at Tri-Tech and see what a quality Postcard Printing Company can do for your image.

Pickering Trade Bindery Services for Print Brokers and other Trade Printers
For more information please visit our
Trade Bindery Services website or our
Print Brokers Website

Pickering Trade Bindery Services for Print Broker
and other Trade Printers

Our complete in-house finishing department can assist you in all areas.
From folding, Saddle Stitching, Trimming and Die Cutting.
Save 40% on your Saddle Stitching when you do the folding yourself.
Like most printers you have a folder but most binderies won't give you any credit towards the bindery price if you supplied folded signatures. As long as you fold to our layout, we'll credit you 40% off the total bindery charge to assist with your folding. Our Stahl folder as well as our 8 Pocket + Cover Saddle Stitcher were purchased new in 2007. Since that time we have run countless number of magazines and publications on tight deadlines. We can turn jobs around very quickly.

Please give us a call on your next Pickering Trade Bindery job.

Realty Brochure Printing Company
For more information please visit our
Realty Brochure Printing or our

Realty Brochure Printing Company
Are you looking for a great looking Realty Brochure at a great price? We are both located at 940 Brock Rd. Unit 1in Pickering will cater to the quantity you require.
We have the equipment and staff to get your Realty Brochures printed fast as possible. Please see our online price list for Realty Brochures. 4 Page and 8 Page online prices are available.

28 Page Custom Calendars
For more information please visit our
11" x 8 1/2" Custom Calendar Printing - click here

12" x 9" Custom Calendar Printing - click here

28 Page Custom Calendars
Tri-Tech can provide the custom calendars you require for your corporation or fund raising event. From your Press-Ready PDF, Tri-Tech will produce everything you need to have your Calendar in your hands in 5 business days.
11" x 8 1/2" or 12" x 9" with a 3/16 hole for easy hanging. Vivid 200 line screen printing on all Calendars.

Magazine printing - Book Printing
Catalogue Printing - Brochure Printing
Catalog Printing - Flyer Printing
Poster Printing- Short run Printing

Printer of Short to Medium Run Magazines, Catalogues, Posters, Flyers & Brochures

Complete In-House Bindery with Stacker
for a folded magazine or catalogue that folded flat.
Pickering Bindery Services

(Qty of 1 or more available on posters)

To obtain a printing quote, please contact
Doug Robinson or Lorraine Griffith

Short run poster printing consists of quantities from 1 to 30,000

For new publication start-ups please come in for a visit and we'll go over proper layout and file preparation - no charge. As well, we can provide helpful insite on what can make your Publication a success. This service is only beneficial once you have your concept in hand and are ready to get starting with the actual production towards printing. To determine your stock and finishing of your magazine keep in mind many of the magazines you will see on a news stand are running 100,000+ copies. Most start-ups are in the 1-5,000 range. It's better to design a magazine that can show a profit than to design a magazine like your competition and not be around 2 issues from now. Your magazine will have a better look and feel running sheetfed with better quality stock than your higher production run competition. Use this as your spring board to success by ensuring the Ads look great and the photos going into your publications are sharp and crisp!

Your run length and page count should be determined by your Ad revenue and not the other way around. The most common mistake of new publication launches is rushing to a perfect bound format before 96 pages. As well printing far too many copies just to get their cost per magazine as low as possible. Your total printing cost versus Ad revenue should be a more important factor. 40-50% ratio of Ad to editorial content is the figure you should strive for. Anything less your magazine will have a huge obstacle to climb.

This makes our life easier, and your publication profitable. There are formulas for success. Printing is just a small portion of that entire package.

As an added bonus for Magazines being printed by Tri-Tech.
We will provide layout sheets for your various magazines indicating folio numbers to optimize placing of colour and B/w pages. This alone could save you $Thousands over the course of a year by mixing colour and B/w pages in the most efficient manner.

Send your files to Tri-Tech and sit back and relax.
Magazine, catalogue, or publication printing is made easy when dealing with Tri-Tech
a proven short to medium run magazine printing company. Books and Brochures too.

A printers digital proofs, should match the final printed magazine, catalog, or brochure.
Printing should be vibrant and clean without fillin!
For product catalogues and books matching color on press is essential.
Sell sheets and books have very high demands for accurate color printing.
Our proofs are adjusted weekly to maintain our high level of quality.

With Tri-Tech's accurate proofs, you do not need to worry about color on press.
Press approvals are not required. In fact we have only had 9 press approvals
in all our years of business. Many of our clients have never even been inside our shop.
In fact we have many clients of well over 10 years that we have never met.
That should say more about our quality and eye for color
than you can ask for anywhere? Do you have that faith in your printer?

When having a magazine, book, catalogue, poster, or brochure printed at Tri-Tech
you can trust us for a final printed product you will be proud of.
We treat your magazine, book, catalog, poster, or brochure as ours.
A final printed piece, we are proud to say was "Printed by Tri-Tech".

This is truly developing a comfort level with your short run magazine printer.
For your next magazine printing, publication printing, product catalogue printing,
book printing, poster printing, or brochure printing.
Send your disk or CD to Tri-Tech.
Or even better send it to our FTPsite.
You will receive your magazine proofs the next day, and your final
printed magazine usually within a few days of approval.

If you are going for press approvals on magazine printing and wasting hours.
Imagine how many more magazine ads, books, catalogs, posters,brochures, or print jobs
you could sell with the extra time you are now saving.

Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech and have your next
magazine printing, book printing, catalog printing, poster printing, or brochure printing
done by us. Your short run printer of choice.
Located just east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering.

There are no hidden charges when having your magazine or catalog printed by Tri-Tech.
In fact we even publish our standard magazine printing & catalog printing rates.
Our short run printing rates are published in both CDN and USA pricing.
No charge for authors alterations.
Your quoted price for your magazine printing is your final price.
Taxes extra of course, and shipping where needed...That we can't get away from!

Our courteous staff is waiting to hear from you.
Let your next magazine printing, or catalog printing,
be a "printed by Tri-Tech" magazine.

You will wonder why you hadn't tried us for your printing before...

"Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech"
Your magazine printer of choice....

Investment opportunities 8% Fixed Rate Return on Investment
One, Three, and five year Fixed Rate Guaranteed 8% Return - Info

Magazine printing - Catalogue Printing - Brochure Printing
Catalog Printing - Poster Printing - Short run Printer
Your short to medium run Toronto area Catalog and magazine printer

We ship our printing to all States and Provinces
Canada and the USA

Located just east of Toronto (gta) in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
For specialty finishing and short run digital printing.

Tri-Tech is a registered NAFTA exporter to the USA
Established in 1974. Over 35+ years serving the sheetfed offset printing industry.

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