Magazine Printers in Ontario, Canada
Located in Pickering (Durham), just east of Toronto, GTA, Ontario, Canada
Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Courtice, Markham, Oshawa
Short to Medium Run Magazine Printers
We specialize in 4/c Process Printing
Saddle Stitched S/c (Self Cover) Printers and Perfect Bound Magazine Printers
Celebrating 46 years as Magazine Printers
1974 - 2020

Ontario, Canada, and the USA
Quantities from 1 single copy to 15,000
Sheetfed printing; 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, 100lb, 8pt-12pt Covers
Digital Printing 70lb, 80lb, and 100lb
Coated, Dull, or offset stock.

Complete in-house Pre-Press, Print, and Bindery

Welcome to Tri-Tech
Your Toronto (GTA) Ontario , and surrounding area

Short to medium run Magazine Printers of choice!
Local: 905-831-3886 Toll free: 888-478-4448

Short Run Magazine Printing and publication printer. Click to enter our site
Tri-Tech and Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
Located east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Please feel free to e-mail Doug or Lorraine for a Magazine Printers Quote.
For Catalogue or Magazine Printing in Canada:
CDN - Magazine printing price list

For Catalog or Magazine Printing in the USA:
USA - Magazine printing price list

Magazine printers - Your Short to medium run Magazine Printers of Choice.
Experience is what matters when your are choosing a new printer for your
next Magazine. We know this is your single most expensive aspect of your
magazine production. Deal with a family run company that cares.
You want a great price, but without quality it just won't cut it!

Every step in our magazine production is geared towards efficiency and quality.
Our digital proofs and folded imposition proofs are just a small example
of what Tri-Tech provides to make your next magazine printing easy.

Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc has the experience and expertise
you demand in a magazine printer.

Tri-Tech's root's date back to the mid 70's. (1974)
From our early days of converting artboards into film on a Camera.
Through to our expansion in Computerized typesetting in 1980
with the then state of the art Compugraphic Typesetting.
Then later imaging onto our first film imagesetter. A Heidelberg Lino 330.
We have always bought the best of available equipment. This is where quality starts.

All of this old equipment is long gone. Now, everything we produce is generated with CTP.
Direct to Plate as it is well known today. Our experience in years past helps our future.
There are many different CTP devices on the market today.
Our Heidelberg Suprasetter is profiled for our Komori Press.
In fact after imaging the plate, it punches to our press pin specs.
This is done right inside the platesetter. This ensures the best possible registration on press.
This is where automation is truly the key to better pricing and better quality.
Call or e-mail today for a Magazine Printing Quote.

For Catalogue or Magazine Printers in Canada:
CDN - Magazine printing price list

For Catalog or Magazine Printers in the USA:
USA - Magazine printing price list

We can also look after Printing of your Sell Sheets
Sell Sheet Printing

Expanding and growing your magazine
- Saddle stitched S/c or perfect bound?
One of the biggest fears we hear from magazine printers is the change from saddle stitched S/c (Self Cover) to a perfect bound magazine, once your page count exceeds 96 pages.
(after 96 pages we recommend perfect bound, at 96 it is your option)
There is nothing you need to do differently other than create a file for the spine.
Guiding you through that process is very straight forward.
Since we are adjusting the spine width and doing all the calculations on our end.
It will be a perfect fit each and every time.

At Tri-Tech we physically measure the stock thickness to ensure a perfect spine width.
This we have found is the most accurate way as stock does vary batch to batch.
The end result is quite noticeable. If you are looking to expand your magazine and making the jump to a perfect bound format. Relax, and Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech for your Saddle Stitched or Perfect Bound magazines.

Our goal has always been to produce a quality magazine at a very affordable price.
By being efficient we can save YOU money!
What makes our press different?. Click here to find out...

At Tri-Tech we will put you at ease
when serching for your next magazine printers.
Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech"

Having your magazine printed at Tri-Tech really is this easy.
It all starts with
7 simple steps.

1)Let us know you have a magazine to be printed.
Send us any e-mail or give us a call.
Lorraine or Doug would be more than happy to assist you
with setting up a schedule that meets your deadline.

2)We will obtain from you all the required information for your next magazine. Number of pages, page size, quantities. All of this will be dealt with in step number 2. Payment details,
and your company info or credit card information.

3)Send us your files on CD, or through our FTPsite.
As soon as an account is established a custom user ID
and personal password will be setup on our FTPsite for your.
It will be your
with a password of your choice.
You will have your own personal directory/folder
to upload or download files or changes.
Our server is available 24hours a day for your convenience.

With an 8meg service uploads are fast and efficient.

4)Color accurate Digital proofs, and a Booked Proof
will be shipped to you for approval.
Both proofs together ensure accuracy.
The digital proofs for color and the booked proof
to verify layout and crossovers.
Our clients have commented they are the most accurate
color proofs they have seen in the industry.
At Tri-Tech we are color adjusting
by our own inhouse designed color correction chart.

5)Proofs are then sent back to Tri-Tech with changes indicated. This now becomes our on press and bindery guide.

6)Changes will then be proofed through e-mail with our electronic proofs. These proofs contain the identical information
that will be sent to our plate setter. The resolution will be
adjusted to 150dpi and converted to RGB to ensure rapid communication and ease of use. What good is an electronic proof if it ties up your e-mail.
Our proofs are in a Jpeg format that can be viewed
right in your e-mail inbox. How is that for ease and comfort?
Remote printouts are a snap as well.

7)Once final approval is complete, printing will commence.
All we require is an e-mail stating, we are good to go to print.

Once we have final approval, your magazine is basically done. Leave everything to us. We will be on top of production
from start to finish. Each and every member of our staff
will know about your magazine and where it is
through the entire printing cycle.

We will arrange with your mailing house to have the final
shipment sent directly to them in the format they require.
Or it can be picked up at our loading dock.

This is how your magazine should be printed.
From your couch or chair. Not at press side stressed and frustrated. Our eye for color is unmatched in the industry.
With only 11 press approvals, in all our years of printing.
You know we are a printing company that knows color,
and most importantly knows magazines.

Don't spending hours at your printer trying to get it right.
From your first magazine on, you will receive
the best possible quality we can provide
while always meeting those impossible deadlines.

For your next magazine printing, give us a try.
Add "
Printed by" to your masthead
and be proud that you have chosen a printer who cares.

For Catalogue or Magazine Printing in Canada:
CDN - Magazine printing price list

For Catalog or Magazine Printing in the USA:
USA - Magazine printing price list

For new publication start-ups please come in for a visit and we'll go over proper layout and file preparation - no charge. As well we can provide helpful insite on what can make your Publication a success. This service is only beneficial once you have your concept in hand and are ready to get starting with the actual production towards printing. To determine your stock and finishing of your magazine keep in mind many of the magazines you will see on a news stand are running 100,000+ copies. Most start-ups are in the 1-5,000 range. It's better to design a magazine that can show a profit than to design a magazine like your competition and not be around 2 issues from now. Your magazine will have a better look and feel running sheetfed with better quality stock than your higher production run competition. Use this as your spring board to success by ensuring the Ads look great and the photos going into your publications are sharp and crisp!

Your run length and page count should be determined by your Ad revenue and not the other way around. The most common mistake of new publication launches is rushing to a perfect bound format before 96 pages. As well printing far too many copies just to get their cost per magazine as low as possible. Your total printing cost versus Ad revenue should be a more important factor. 40-50% ratio of Ad to editorial content is the figure you should strive for. Anything less your magazine will have a huge obsticle to climb.

This makes our life easier, and your publication profitable. There are formulas for success. Printing is just a small portion of that entire package.

As an added bonus for Magazines being printed by Tri-Tech.
We will provide layout sheets for your various magazines indicating folio numbers to optimize placing of colour and B/w pages. This alone could save you $Thousands over the course of a year by mixing colour and B/w pages in the most efficient manner.

Tri-Tech is a Family owned
Magazine Printers & Finishing company since 1974.
"Develop a Comfort Level with Tri-Tech".

Heidelberg's Satin Screening (Stochastic)
All 100lb, 8pt, or 10pt covers
are printed in 200 line screen or Stochastic Satin Screening.
You will notice the difference....!

Komori fully automated 40" 4 colour printing press (Sheetfed/offset)
HP DesignJet 5000PS - 60" - Calibrated Pre-Press digital proofs and posters
CTP - Direct to Plate - Heidelberg Suprasetter Pro with online processor

Magazine Printers Specialist 940 Brock Rd, Unit 1, Pickering, Ontario, L1W 2A1,

Develop a comfort level with Printeres at Tri-Tech
905-831-3886 or 888-478-4448

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Toronto, GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Durham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa,
Vaughan, Courtice, Lindsay, Mississauge, Markham, Brampton,
Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Oshawa,
Scarborough, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and the USA.

Short to medium run Magazine printers

Please feel free to e-mail Doug or Lorraine for a Magazine Printing Quote.

If you would like to receive a quote on a specific job

We require the following information before quoting
Complete Business Name and Address
Phone number (daytime) including e-mail or website
Description of the job to be quoted
4*) Number of pages if required

Final trim size Flat
Final trim size folded if different than above
Stock weight required
Quantity as well as additionals required
Delivery location. (City, and province/state)
Required completion date
Any special handing or delivery instructions

For the number of pages this is the number after the sheet is folded.
Eg. if you take an 11" x 17" sheet and fold in half then end result is 4 pages.

Please contact Doug Robinson for a quote or e-mail -

Visa, MasterCard and PayPal accepted

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