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High definition 300 Line Screen Postcards.
Quantities of 10,000 - 500,000+

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Tri-Tech and Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
Located east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering (Durham), Ontario

PDF or Native files are fully supported.

Postcard Printing - 300Line screen Printing is Standard.

At Tri-Tech we utilize the latest in printing technology.
300 line screen is unmatched in its ability to reproduce detail.
Fine detail in the highlights, and shadows have no comparison to standard 133 line screen.

Does this process cost more? No, 300 line screen doesn't cost any more to print however the equipment required to print this fine dot has to be maintained in top condition.

The fact we run so much 300 line work is a testament to the quality of our equipment and staff. Since the process of printing 300 line needs a very stable stock to hold the very fine detail. We only offer 300 line screen printing on 80lb coated stocks or higher.

The fine dots that make up your image are not visible to the naked eye. In fact
even under a 20x glass you are hard pressed to see the dots. The result is a final printed image
that contains more detail and a smoother look than possible with conventional printing.
Banding issues in blends are non-existant and fine detail is reproduced as your scan should be.

Please come in to see the difference first hand.

At Tri-Tech your Postcard can be printed in a variety of different formats.
As you will notice in the sample below we don't print a single postcard at a time.

The standard press sheet size for our press is 25" x 38"
What this means is you can save with volume printing.
A short run of 1,000 press sheets will yield 16,000 Postcards with a 5" x 7" size.
Of course Postcards come in many different sizes and folding configurations.
This is an example to explain how it all comes together.


example 1.

Special pricing on 5" x 7" Postcards.
4 color 2 sides, printed on 10pt Coated 2 sides.
Price includes stock, print, trim, carton and label ready for pickup.

Files to be supplied as a 300Dpi CMYK Tiff Image or High rez PDF.
Allow 1/8" bleed on all 4 sides.
Final Tiff image should be 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"

Special 2020 Pricelist

10,000 of one card only @ $.09 each = $900
10,000 of two separate cards run at same time @ $.056 each = $1,127
10,000 of four separate cards run at same time @ $.035 each = $1,408
10,000 of eight separate cards run at same time @ $.031 each = $2,464

coated stock, Pre-Press, Print and trimming.
Folding and deliveries would be billed extra if required.

COD is required for this special offer. 48 hour turnaround.
Please mention special code number:

E-mail: Lorraine or Doug for more information.

Tri-Tech is a Family owned
Postcard Printing & Finishing company since 1974.

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Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech
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