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Modified May 7th, 2019

Reciprocal Links Ontario Canada

Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
940 Brock Rd., Unit 1
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
L1W 2A1

In order to exchange links, Tri-Tech requires a link to our website that is no more than two webpage from your main index.html page. This is where your link will reside on our website.
Once you've added the link to our website, please forward a description or banner of your company which we'll add
along with your company logo and address information.

Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc. reserves the right to not link to companies we do not support
or companies selling products and/or services that conflict with our views and preferences.
As well any websites that do not meet Google and Yahoo criteria will be asked to correct their pages before we link to you. Our high ranking and your high ranking will help both of us. If your website isn't searchable you could hurt our ranking. This is why, we will offer advice on what changes are required in order for your website to be listed.
Any changes we recommend will have a positive effect on your search results and ranking.

Below is a list of companies we feel are worth recommending for their given services:


Vision Design Studios
165 Frank Rivers Dr
Toronto, ON
M1W 2N3
At Vision Design Studio our goal is to create dynamic designs
with our customer’s objectives in mind.


For those who would like assistance in producing your yearbook.
I would highly recommend giving Tim Scanlon at a call.
Their knowledge and turnaround will help you through the entire process.
Your Yearbook will still be printed by us however you will have the
expert knowledge and guidance Scantex can provide throughout the school year.
They offer training in production as well as photo editing to ensure your
Yearbook staff is creating everything correct right from the start.

Scantex provides extensive support for both teachers and students for photography, InDesign, Photoshop and more. Access to these workshops at your school throughout the year allows you the training and time to produce outstanding products.
Over the past four years alone Scantex clients have won as many
Toronto Sun High School Yearbook Contest honors as all other providers combined.


A Lady's Touch
Cleaning Services
Home and Office.
Lucy does a great job for us here at Tri-Tech. I'm sure she will do just as good a job for you.

Reciprocal links are a vital aspect of any internet search engine ranking.
At Tri-Tech we have achieved a top 3 ranking in most search engine results for
almost any form of printing in the Ontario, Canada region.
Our website is search engine friendly for Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, Meta Crawler
If you have a good internet rating and would like to exchange links
with us, then please copy the attached code onto your website and then send us the link
of where it is placed.

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<FONT SIZE="5">Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.</FONT><BR>
<FONT SIZE="5">940 Brock Rd., Unit 1</FONT><BR>
<FONT SIZE="5">Pickering, Ontario, Canada</FONT><BR>
<FONT SIZE="5">L1W 2A1<BR>