Rip once output many Rip once output many Proof it first before outputting film

Dude with multiple jobs

Film layout 25" x 38" all imposed Hewlitt Packard, Hp Designjet 3500 CP
Heidelberg SignasetterPro 30in x 42in
At Tri-Tech
we have the ability to impose many different formats into one final layout..
Notice the character on the left with 8 different jobs in hand, from 8 different programs and operating systems ie.(Mac & P.C). All of these can be imposed individually or together. A final 8-up flat can be output showing full bleeds, trapping, overprinting on our HPDesignjet 5000CP - 60in.
A huge time and money saver...This can be a great benefit when you are producing a magazine with one ad page being supplied in a different format. We can run your magazine and simply drop this ad page in from the native software where it should go.
Mixing of PC and MAC files is now easy and convenient.