Magazine Printing Imposition Layouts,
Offset Printing Layout Forms
for combining b/w and Colour Pages
into any Magazine on a 40" Offset Printing Press


Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.Custom Layouts in PDF format. Special wallmount Poster. Layouts.pdf
The attached file is 7.4megs. Full size poster PDF with printable resolution.

The attached PDF is a priceless Must Have for all Magazine Publishers. It shows every layout we use at Tri-Tech Canada Inc for printing
of short run publications from 16 pages up to 64 pages. Layouts are based on run lengths from 1,000 to 11,000.
Sheetfed offset printing on a 40" Press utilizing the latest of CTP, Printing, and Binding technologies..
Although there are many other options these are the standard layouts used for Magazine Printing at Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.

By utilizing this Layout PDF, you'll be able to better adjust placement of B/w Pages as well as CMYK Pages into your final design to save money on printing. Cost saving to run a B/w form versus a CMYK would save you typically $75 on that form. (8pages)

Over the course of a year changing a few forms to B/w could add up to many thousands of dollars.
It could also make the difference between your magazine being profitable or producing at a loss.

Of course in the long run selling all 4 colour ads would be more profitable, but it is nice to have the option to allow your magazine to grow when it is ready, and making money along the way. This can be of great assistance when designing to tight budgets.

If you would like a free poster printout of this PDF layout, please contact Mark Robinson at Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
Tri-Tech will gladly output a poster for any established publishing company that has an ongoing month, bi-monthly or quarterly publication.
If you are a start-up publication please give us a call to discuss your next magazine printing and we'll go over the different layout options with you to ensure your new publication is profitable from the start. Ph: 905-831-3886 or 888-478-4448

For schools and Universities that may wish to use this in your classrooms.
You have our permission provide the entire PDF with our company name and information is clearly displayed.
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