School Yearbook Printing Company

Perfect Bound, Smyth Sewn, Saddle Stitched, and Square Back - Yearbooks
Case Bound Hard Cover Yearbooks
Printed Endpapers & Jackets - Including Headbands on Case Bound Yearbooks.
200 line screen or Hybrid - Stochastic on 80lb or higher
Now in our 43rd year serving the Yearbook and Book Printing Industry

Digital Yearbooks of quantities up to 100 in 48 hours
Smyth Sewn long run Yearbooks completed in under 4 weeks!

Quantities from a single copy - up to 5,000
Under 500 printed digitally on our Versant 3100 Digital Press
- Perfect Bound - Saddle Stitched - Square Back Binding
Quantities over 500 are printed on our larger offset press
- Perfect Bound - Saddle Stitched - Smyth Sewn Case Bound Binding

4 colour throughout, with a full bleed design

80lb, or 100lb Bright white coated stocks

Welcome to Tri-Tech
Your Toronto (GTA) , and surrounding area

Short to medium run Yearbook Printer of choice!
Located just east of Toronto GTA, in Pickering, Ontario.

Local: 905-831-3886 Toll free: 888-478-4448

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Tri-Tech and Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.
Located east of Toronto (GTA) in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Yearbook Printing Company- Your Short to Medium run Yearbook Printer of Choice.
When producing your school yearbook there are many variables that can change how your final product will look
and most importantly how your yearbook will sell.

At Tri-Tech we have many years of experience producing a variety of different
products. In some cases different covers for the same yearbook to turn a soft cover
into a special addtion case bound for the graduating class.
This helps keep costs down and allows more students the opportunity to purchase a Yearbook.

What sets Tri-Tech apart is our dedication to a final product.
We do the little things right that really matter in the long run.
Spine thickness is something that can be taken for granted,
however it is one area that can truly make or break your book.
At Tri-Tech, we do not set a spine width until the stock is actually on our floor.
This stock is then folded to the required number of pages to ensure an accurate measure.
When doing a re-print, Stock, from the same manufacture can still vary the thickness of a book
on 186+ pages by as much as 1/8". This doesn't sound like much,
but when you are selling a high quality Yearbook, why shouldn't the spine be perfect too!

Give us a try, and see why we're one of the most respected names in Yearbook Printing.

Doug Robinson our president, has worked on books for over 50 years.
Learning under his father the late Ross Robinson who led T.H. Best Printing back in the 1960's.
Doug, like Ross before him, Prides himself on integrity, and quality.
There is a reason why the name Robinson has been so well respected
for almost a century in the printing industry.
This name and dedication can only be found at Tri-Tech (Canada) Inc.

School Yearbook Printing -While some companies look after the entire package,
Tri-Tech is here to assist those designers and Print Brokers that have everything prepared for printing.

Tri-Tech will look after everything once your PDF files are created.
Sit back and relax and have an exceptional Yearbook printed by us.
Our Komori offset press & Xerox Digital Press offers exceptional registration and quick make-readies
Yearbooks with print runs on digital printing as low as 10 books with Perfect Binding (Glued Square Spine)
Print runs on our larger offset press starting as low as Qty: 500 with Smyth Sewn Case Binding
4 Colour process (CMYK) 200 line screen or Hybrid - Stochastic Printing throughout.
(Stochastic -Heidelberg's Satin Screening technology)
Total production time is under 4 weeks from final approval, not 3 months as our competition demands!

Tri-Tech is a Family owned
Yearbook Printing & Finishing company since 1974.
"Develop a Comfort Level with Tri-Tech".

(300line screen standard on all yearbooks)
Komori fully automated 40" 4 colour printng press (Sheetfed/offset)
HP DesignJet 5000PS - 60" - Calibrated Pre-Press digital proofs and posters
CTP - Direct to Plate - Heidelberg Suprasetter Pro
Heidelberg Stahl Folder - Perfect crossovers on casebound books.

Yearbook Printing Specialist
940 Brock Rd, Unit 1, Pickering, Ontario, L1W 2A1,

Develop a comfort level with Tri-Tech
905-831-3886 or 888-478-4448

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Toronto, GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Durham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa,
Vaughan, Courtice, Lindsay, Mississauge, Markham, Brampton,
Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Oshawa,
Scarborough, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and the USA.

Short to Medium run Yearbook printer

Please feel free to e-mail Doug or Lorraine for a Book or Yearbook Printing quote.
dougr @
lorraine @

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